A holistic approach provides a basis for our clients to realise their vision under conditions of uncertainty and resource scarcity. This phase involves analysis of the external context (client characteristics and needs, competition, technology, regulatory and political environment), coupled with the internal assessment of the client’s business (existing strategy and business model, products and services, marketing and sales, people and systems). We evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the business to identify specific opportunities and threats that it currently faces. This understanding then provides the basis for development of ideas and solutions to enable the business to go beyond existing models and take a lead on market trends rather than simply follow them.


During this phase, we work with the senior management team to define the future of the client’s business. We translate our strategic view into concrete measures that allow the business to reap immediate benefits (‘quick wins’), while supporting the client in taking advantage of medium- and long-term changes in their industry.


We translate design into action by aligning people, operations and technology with strategic objectives. Managing change is one of the key challenges when moving from strategy design to implementation. In this third phase, we help the client develop a comprehensive Action Plan covering all areas of the business, while taking into account such issues as internal communication, people and systems. The Action Plan provides a framework for implementation of the finalised strategy into practice, and we work with the client’s internal execution teams to ensure successful and timely implementation.