MF Strategy employees and consultants have published a number of documents, including:

‘The Largest European Marketplace for Micro & Small-Sized Loans: Mintos’ , V. Bumacov, 2021 (click to view)

“The Evolving Industry for Microfinance Software: Evaluation & Guide for MFIs and MIS Vendors”, A. Ashta, V. Bumacov, M. Cherkas, D. Constantinou, Chapter 8, Management Information Systems for Microfinance, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2015

“Financial Crisis: Lessons from Microfinance”, D. Constantinou and A. Ashta, Strategic Change: Briefings in Entrepreneurial Finance, Volume 20, Number 5-6, August 2011

“Comment la microfinance surmonte-t-elle les crises, financières et économiques?”, D. Constantinou & A. Ashta, Techniques Financières Et Développement, No. 99, June 2010

“From Microfinance to Small Business Finance: The Business Case for Private Capital Investments”, edited by B. Leleux & D. Constantinou, Palgrave Macmillan 2007

“Hedging Your Bets to Protect Against Risk”, D. Cossin & D. Constantinou, Financial Times, 6th April 2006

Articles and studies on aviation, innovation and general management (details available on request)

Business cases for IMD International Business School (details available on request)