To attract and maintain talented and passionate people is a key aspect of any company and organisation. How do you communicate your company’s vision and mission? What do you offer your employees besides a paid position? We help you formulate the right answers for your people, keeping in mind your strategy, operations and technology. We believe that these four practices – people, strategy, operations and technology – are deeply intertwined and interdependent.

People are at the core of successful business and operating models. Important aspects include:
• Talent relationship management
• Capacity building and competency analysis
• Coaching, mentoring, and training for management and staff
• Internal knowledge management
• Cross-cultural team compositions
• Succession planning
• Change management (e.g. communication strategy during expansion, transformation   restructuring)
• Gap analysis (identification of gaps in terms of people, succession planning, competencies, etc.)
• Organisational structure and governance
• Incentive systems
• Whistleblowing

Human Resource Development

Effective career planning ensures that your people are prepared for each new stage in their development – and is essential in successfully managing and retaining talent within your organisation.

Change Management

Nothing is as constant as change. People fear change, until they understand how it affects them, and how they will benefit from it. For your organisation, a specific change project might be small, but for some people it could their world. Crafting a clear strategy on how to execute your change plans is paramount. Effective change management allows organisations to successfully transition to the future that they are aiming for.

Human Centred Design

People should be at the centre of strategies, operations, and technology. Human centred design relies on fast prototyping to fail early and cheap, learn fast, and build things that in the end will be used by people. With experience in various projects, we can guide your team through design thinking and teach this collaborative approach for in-house use on almost any occasion.

Organisational Structure

Organisational structure brings together human capital with management and operational capabilities, know-how and business resources. Supporting key business processes and connecting and balancing different business functions in an organisation, the organisational structure plays a vital role in helping a business achieve it’s goals.

Incentive Systems 

Incentive systems are important elements for matching people’s motivations with business goals and targets. Tailored incentive systems may not only stimulate personnel to put in extra effort, but also help in business transformations and rejuvenations.