MF Strategy is a management consulting company. Our key practices encompass Strategy, People, Operations and Technology. Through these four practices we analyse, design and implement solutions that best fit the characteristics and needs of our clients.


Strategy is about making the right choices at the right time. Strategies often fail to take into consideration the complexity of a business and how they affect people, operations and technology. We adopt a holistic framework to support our clients to realise their vision under conditions of uncertainty and resource scarcity. Aligning strategy with the key dimensions of people, operations and technology is a fundamental aspect of how we work.


More than ever, attracting and retaining talent is key to the successful implementation of your strategic vision. Timely and continuous communication with your people can mean the difference between success or failure, earned trust or talent drain. We design the organisational strategies and frameworks necessary for successful talent relationship management, ensuring that these are supported by agile operations and intelligent technologies. Human centred design is a key aspect of our work across our four practices.


For all businesses (traditional or digital), the development of efficient operations is essential in terms of executing strategies successfully and ensuring that business models can function effectively within the context of rapidly changing markets and disruptive technologies.

Operations play a critical role in adopting new technologies that can be reinforced by skilled, competent and empowered human capital – which in turn can create strategic advantages for the business. MF Strategy uses the deep experience and expertise of its consultants, fused and amplified by a range of diverse projects carried out, to respond to the different and varied operational challenges and needs of its clients, and support them in executing their strategies successfully.


Man and machine, platform and product, client and supplier are becoming more and more intertwined as technology advances. Technology not only disrupts conventional methods of doing business, but also blurs classic business boundaries with vast possibilities of collaboration and expansion that are currently offered only through specific networks and ecosystems. Successful organisations increasingly need to incorporate technology as a source of innovation for their strategies, operating models and human capital deployment. MF Strategy relies on the breadth of its consultants’ backgrounds, its regional and professional experiences, and its professional curiosity to offer technological advantages as distinct value drivers for its clients.