Today’s young people are the most educated generation ever. Nonetheless, they encounter difficulties in entering the labour market, with job opportunities tied to the general state of the economy in a specific country. Job opportunities are also influenced by education and skills and their relevance to the labour market. Mismatches among these factors can lead to long periods of job seeking and unemployment along with spells in low-skilled jobs, which imposes a burden on young people themselves and the overall economy.  

The private sector has a critical role to play in the supply and availability of more and better jobs for young people. In this regard, initiatives by international organisations and national associations are growing. These initiatives are diverse and organised according to the socio-economic, political and institutional context within a given country.

MF Strategy’s’ youth finance offering revolves around customer-focused strategies, whereby market segmentation is utilised to design a global approach tailored to youth and its needs. A comprehensive understanding of the specific social and economic context of young people is therefore fundamental in this respect. MF Strategy ultimately supports financial institutions in increasing their capacity and improving their capability for providing opportunities and recruiting and training young, qualified people.