We design strategies for the use of technology. We believe that technology is a means to an end but not the goal. Considering the strategic importance of technology, its evaluation, selection and adoption by a business becomes a continuous process.­

Our expertise in advising banks, combined with our detailed understanding of the FinTech space and our experts’ experience in developing start-ups in the digital arena, provides us with the ability to competently support development of various IT aspects and digital transformation initiatives in the financial services industry and other client segments. Quite often in our projects we advise our clients how to unlock value of data that is hidden in internal storage, and to consider leveraging data that is available externally. With opportunities that digitalisation (digital technologies) offers, we often aid development of client capabilities in process automation, decision-making and connectivity that help turn business into digital form.­

The recent ascent of information technology in various industries has made technology considerations omnipresent. Certain technology-based industries consider IT and computer-focused technologies as their foundation, while others, like biotech and pharmaceutical,  base their existence on different domains of technologies. Both though treat technology as a strategic business factor. Even in industries that predate the recent IT blossom, like banking, the technology function increases its importance as the business decides to introduce novel technology or re-engineer its core processes. Moreover, changes in client preferences and continuous development in technology that causes disruptive and convergent changes in industries and markets put technology in a strategic focus for many businesses. Thus, innovation as well as smart selection and adoption of technologies becomes a vital business capability. Effective innovation process in business also brings new business opportunities, aids internal ‘techxpertise’ development and fosters knowledge accumulation from ‘intrapreneurship’ and external sources.

Focus areas within our technology practice include:


With changes brought by digital technologies that challenge markets and disrupt established players, businesses are left with no choice but to consider becoming ‘digital’ voluntarily or not. Depending on business’ intent to respond offensively or defensively to digital disruptions and competition, we help our clients define their digital strategy. We then assist our clients with their implementation, combining various changes related to digitisation and digitalisation of different aspects of clients’ businesses. In addition to making business and operating models digital, offering digital products and services, and implementing digital means for engaging and serving clients, we can offer our clients support in undergoing a complete digital transformation – radically changing the principles and operating methods of the business. This allows them to fully join the digital economy and respond to market demands influenced by changes and opportunities that digital technologies present constantly to society and the world.


Considering data as an asset, we offer our clients advice on how the value of this asset can be exploited. Exploring three broad areas – data science, big data, and data analytics – we formulate possible approaches to reach that goal. For our clients we provide solutions and tools that facilitate the decision-making process with predictive models; introduce business process automation and improvements based on smart analytics; gather business insights through data-mining; and develop advanced analytics for strengthening all key business functions. Furthermore, we can propose business model modifications based on advantages offered by big data usage.


We offer our clients design and implementation of a new approach (or improvement of an existing approach), and the process of technological development and innovation. We usually propose consideration of a broader definition of innovation that goes beyond technological improvements and changes, and also embraces product, process and organisational changes, as well as other opportunities such as alliances and external architectural and design opportunities. We help our clients formulate a technological strategy and align it with a business strategy; structure a whole process for technological change introduction in business; and develop whole aspects of the technology innovation function, such as capabilities, management and leadership, and human capital. The ultimate goal of such changes is the effective introduction and adoption of feasible technologies and other innovations on all business levels – strategic, business, and operational.­