Financial Services:

Financial Service Providers consist of banks, MFIs and non-bank financial institution. Governments have developed different tiers and licences with varying regulations for those institutions. Each institution has its own context, history and future. At MF Strategy, we take all this into account when creating solutions for your strategy, your people, your organizational design and your technology.


There are a lot of companies and startups, applying technology in all forms to improve existing services or offer new ones. There isn’t an industry where newcomers don’t challenge the incumbents. With our deep knowledge about strategies, operations and technology for a variety of market segments, cultures and environments, we can help technology companies to take into considerations the soft, non-tech aspects of their target group while keeping their focus on developing the new cutting-edge solution for digital disruption.

Government, DFIs & International Organisations:

We have worked with governments, DFIs and international organisations as partners and clients. We fully understand their specific inner workings, requirements and expectations to projects around strategy, people, operations and technology.

Non-Governmental Organisations:

We can offer to NGOs such as family-offices, public and caritative initiatives and programmes the international best practice approach with regard to strategy, people, operations and technology.

Investment Vehicles:

MF Strategy consultants have carried out several due diligence projects for multilateral organisations, investment funds and other private sector clients. At the same time, they have considerable experience in the evaluation of the social and economic impact of technical assistance projects and investments in the microfinance sector.

Other Private Sector:

We work with a wide array of private sector actors who have benefited our experience and knowledge. If you want to profit from our experience around strategy, people, operations and technology, please get in touch with us. We connect the West with emerging markets.