Support for the EBRD’s Women-in-Business Programme, which covers 6 countries and was established to (a) support women-led MSMEs in accessing finance for their sustainable growth; (b) develop sustainable credit mechanisms targeted to women-led MSMEs through technical assistance to financial intermediaries; and (c) support women-led MSMEs in accessing know-how, non-financial business development services and networking opportunities. MF Strategy’s mandate comprised the following: development and strengthening of the Partner Financial Institutions’ (PFIs) capacities to effectively reach out to women-led MSMEs through the introduction of new or improved products and processes based on the findings of a baseline assessment; assurance of the continued synergy between each component of the Programme; and implementation of Programme management functions, including reporting, marketing, visibility, and monitoring. Activities carried out include: (1) a baseline assessment (at both market and institutional level) to identify possible underlying reasons for any market gaps or obstacles constraining women MSMEs’ access to finance, and improve PFIs’ understanding of women’s patterns of use of financial products and services; (2) design and implementation of tailored technical support packages to enhance PFIs’ institutional capacities for developing and delivering products and services tailored to women; and (3) delivery of a series of seminars designed to improve women’s access to financial information and PFIs’ understanding of this segment’s client base.

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